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The Exeter oncology Centre is located at the Royal Devon & Exeter Wonford hospital.


The Exeter Oncology Centre is where the majority of Oncology outpatient clinics are held it also houses the RD&E’s Radiotherapy department.

The Radiotherapy department is the busiest department in the south west and one of the busiest in the country for its size. Last year we performed over 26,000 daily treatments to nearly 2000 patients.

The Oncology Centre works closely with the Cherrybrook Day-case chemotherapy department and Yarty haematology services as well as Yeo ward, the hospital’s dedicated oncology ward.


Radiotherapy is a treatment that uses high energy radiation to treat both cancerous and non-cancerous conditions. The radiotherapy team consists of clinical oncologists, therapeutic radiographers, radiotherapy physicists, clinical technologists, assistant practitioners and radiotherapy helpers.


The centre has a  highly successful specialist head & neck radiographer role and is in the process of implementing radiographer led breast planning and radiographer led review.


Pre-Treatment (Radiotherapy Simulator and CT Planning)
The pre-treatment team consists of a group of specialist therapeutic radiographers. The oncology centre has two specialised machines dedicated to the planning of radiotherapy treatment:


Acuity Simulator
The simulator is a machine that has the same movements as a radiotherapy treatment machine, but only takes x-ray pictures. These pictures allow us to accurately target the treatment area.

Toshiba wide Bore CT Scanner
Our Toshiba CT scanner has been specifically designed to allow us to perform 3D and 4D scans with our patients in the best positions for them to receive their radiotherapy treatment.


The oncology centre uses two advanced planning systems to accurately plan patient’s treatments. The radiotherapy planning team routinely plan the latest, most advanced treatments such as intensity modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) & volumetric arc therapy (VMAT), and are in the process of introducing SABR treatment for lung cancers. The planning team currently consists of 3 radiotherapy physicists and a therapeutic radiographer.

The Radiotherapy Physics team work along side oncologists and radiographers to precisely plan radiotherapy treatments. This work involves meticulous attention to detail and comprehensive quality assurance. They are also responsible for the reliable maintenance of a range of highly complex equipment.


External Beam Radiotherapy (EBRT)
External beam radiotherapy is delivered by a team of specially trained therapeutic radiographers using a machine called a linear accelerator (linac). The radiotherapy department currently has three beam matched Varian iX linacs all of which routinely deliver the latest in IMRT (intensity modulated radiotherapy) and IGRT (image guided radiotherapy) techniques. 


There is currently a fourth treatment machine in the planning phases.


The Exeter Oncology Centre offers a pioneering Brachytherapy service. The service was the first in the UK to offer both medium and high dose rate brachytherapy treatment, and we have continued to build on our experience in this area. We were the first in the south west (and only the third in the UK) to introduce high dose rate brachytherapy as a treatment for prostate cancer. Today we offer cutting edge image guided brachytherapy treatments for a range of gynaecological, lung, upper GI, skin, head & neck and urological cancers utilising ultrasound, CT and MRI planning. Brachytherapy is planned by radiotherapy physicists, with treatments being delivered by a team of specially trained therapeutic radiographers.


Superficial Treatment
Our LVT (Low Voltage Treatment) or superficial treatment machine uses low energy X-rays to treat a variety of skin lesions.


At the Exeter Oncology Centre we place patient care at the centre of what we do. We always strive to provide our patients with the best quality care available, and as such all our procedures are regularly audited by Lloyds of London ISO9001:2008.