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Paediatric Dietitians


The team of paediatric dietitians at the RD&E work with children from 0-18 years of age.  We work closely with other members of the wider health care community including consultant paediatricians, GPs and specialist nurses to support parents and children.  We see children with a wide variety of different conditions and provide advice to manage their condition through dietary changes.  


Examples of the types of conditions we might advise on include:

The paediatric dietitians are based on Bramble ward at the RD&E Hospital and see children on the ward (Bramble or the Neonatal Unit), as well as in paediatric outpatient clinics.  However, some children (e.g. those using tube feeding at home) may be seen in their own homes.  The community dietetic team may also see children referred by their GP in clinics nearer to where they live.


Prescription of specialist infant formulas in primary care


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