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Head and Neck Cancer Dietitian


The RDE hospital treats patients with cancer of the upper aerodigestive tract; ie oral, larynx, pharynx and salivary gland.


National documents highlight the need to include the dietitian at every stage of the patient’s journey in Head and Neck Cancer. Nutrition has been shown to be the second most important long-term prognostic factor in Head and Neck cancer, meaning that without appropriate nutritional management poorer treatment outcomes are likely.


Good nutrition is essential to recovery from all types of Head and Neck disease, especially cancers. The dietitian will  provide ongoing support and advice concerning nutritional intake, which may involve: texture modification, food fortification, dietary counselling, the use of dietary supplements and feeding tubes.

Nutritional Status in the Head and Neck Cancer Population

Head and Neck cancer patients present a significant nutritional challenge, with up to 75% of diagnosed patients experiencing moderate to severe malnutrition before, during and after treatment. Many of the treatments for Head & Neck cancer have an adverse impact on nutritional status.

The consequences of malnutrition are well documented and include:

Appropriate and timely nutritional support has been shown to:

The Head and Neck Dietitian will see you as an inpatient or outpatient at the RDE hospital – either one to one or with other key members of the multidisciplinary team.


Contact: 01392 402044


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