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The Role of the Dietitian in Cancer Care

Food and eating are an enjoyable and social part of everyday life. Nutrition is the process of nourishing or being nourished and is essential for living. Cancer and its treatment can affect your appetite or ability to eat your usual meals.

Dietitians will:

Assess your nutritional needs and gain an understanding of your lifestyle, food preferences and eating pattern.

Use the knowledge of nutrition, health, disease, cancer and its treatment to provide practical advice that will help you to eat and maintain your quality of life. This may include recommending:

Support you in making informed choices regarding healthy lifestyles.

Work with you and your family, monitoring your progress and adjusting the advice as your needs change.

Liaise with the other healthcare professionals who are involved in your care.

Please refer to the ‘Head and Neck Dietitian’ and ‘Upper GI Dietitian’ pages for more information on these specific cancer sites.