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A-Z Services - Nutrition and Dietetics

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‘The Nutrition and Dietetic Team aim to provide a professional, person centered approach to improving the nutritional health of the local population’


Dieticians are qualified to degree standard and are registered with the Health Professions Council ( Nutrition has been proven to play a key role in the prevention and treatment of disease. Dietitians aim to prevent or treat ill health by translating their expert knowledge of nutrition into practical dietary advice.


The Nutrition and Dietetic team work in both hospital and community settings. You may be seen while in hospital or in an outpatient clinic close to your home or work.  Our working hours are 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.


A consultation with a Dietitian is:

As a team we work in a variety of specialist areas including:

To help provide best overall care, Dietitians work closely with other members of the health care team. 


Depending on your health concerns, your Consultant, GP or other health care professional may suggest that you are referred to a Dietitian. Alternatively if you want to see a Dietitian, speak to your doctor or health care professional who can refer you.


How does a Dietitian differ from a Nutritionist?


The title ‘nutritionist’ is not protected. Some may have attended degree level courses in nutrition, and upon qualification, many register as nutritionists (RNutr) or as public health nutritionists (RPHNutr) with The Nutrition Society. However, there are many who will not have a recognised qualification. Nutritionists work in government, industry, sports, education, media and for charities, supporting the collection and communication of information about food and health. Some nutritionists provide general guidance about eating to support good health, however, as they are not regulated by a governing body, information given does not have to comply with scientifically based evidence.