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Computerised Tomography (CT)


CT is part of the Medial Imaging Department, consisting of three specialised digital x-ray rooms, where a variety of examinations are performed.  These examinations are carried out by Radiologists and Specialised Radiographers, assisted by our Specialised Nursing Staff.


A tomogram is a slice or cross-section and in CT scanning we are able to take sections through any part of the body: head, spine, abdomen and limbs.


You should not feel any discomfort; neither should you feel claustrophobic as the area to be scanned is the only part in the middle of the scanning circle (i.e. the middle of the doughnut).

If scanning the head, only the head and not the whole body is in the scanning circle and if scanning the abdomen or thorax (chest) the head is on one side of the circle and the legs out the other.


The equipment consists of a gantry frame, which houses the x-ray tube and detectors, a patient couch, a computer and viewing system.  The gantry is like a doughnut on the edge with the scanning area being the hole in the middle.


The x-ray tube and detectors, within the gantry, rotate around you.  The x-ray beam passes through you and the intensity of the emerging beam is measured by electronic detectors.  The detector readings are sent to a computer for processing.  After processing, the image is displayed on a television monitor in the control area.


CT control roomListed below are the examinations we perform:


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