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A-Z Services - Medical Physics

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Medical Physics Services provided by RD&E

The Medical Physics Department at the Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust provides clinical and specialist services harnessing beneficial properties of radiation and ensuring its safe use for diagnosis and treatment of patients.  The multidisciplinary team providing these services includes healthcare scientists, allied health professionals and administrative staff with a wide range of backgrounds and skills.  It supports leading-edge medical and surgical innovation, is a training centre for Clinical Scientists and Clinical Technologists accredited by the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine and also has ISO9001:2000 Quality Management certification.  All clinical scientist, radiographer and physiotherapy staff working in Medical Physics are registered with the Health Professions Council.


The work of the department is divided into a number of main areas:

Radiotherapy Physics
Nuclear Medicine
X-ray Quality Assurance & Radiation Protection
X-ray Maintenance
Osteoporosis Service

Diagnostic Radiology Physics

Radiation safety measures ensure that ionising and non-ionising radiation exposure of patients, staff and members of the public from NHS medical procedures in east and north Devon is carefully controlled, providing the legal and managerial structure for medical exposures to radiation.  Staff work closely with other healthcare professionals, management and the regulatory authorities to deliver services and comply with relevant legislation.


The Medical Physics Department forms part of the Professional Services Directorate and has two main divisions:  Radiotherapy Physics and Diagnostic Radiology Physics.  It provides some services to neighbouring Trusts and liaises with departments elsewhere providing medical physics services in the South-West and nationally.