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Medical Photography - Consent

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Requests for patient photography may come from any member of the clinical team, but must be approved by the consultant in charge of the case.


Informed Consent

Clinicians must explain to you the reason the photographs are being requested and when and where they are likely to be used. You may be nervous of being photographed and you should be given the opportunity to ask why such records are being made. When given this information most patients feel happy to consent to photography for not only is it an aid to there healthcare, when used for teaching it will help in the training of doctors and other healthcare professionals.

The photographer will check the level of consent signed with you. There is an information leaflet explaining about photographic consent, the level to which you have consented and details of what you need to do should you later wish to withdraw your consent. If you should change your mind about the level of consent that you have signed up to, the photographer will make a record of this and act on your wishes.



In the case of children under the age of 18 a parent/guardian will need to sign consent on their behalf. Though a child under the age of 18 can give and withdraw consent themselves, this is only if the clinician considers them to be competent to make a fully informed decision.

Unconscious Patients

Photographs of an unconscious patient or patient who is unable to give informed consent can be taken for records only if the clinician believes it to be in the patients best interests. Should the clinician require the photograph for any other purpose, such as teaching, consent must be obtained from you when you recover consciousness.

You have the right to withdraw your consent for the use of any image taken of you at any time. This includes images used in your medical records. If consent is withdrawn the images will be destroyed.