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Giving infection the elbow!

The majority of clinical staff wear uniforms at the RD&E – with tunic tops leaving the arms bare and easier to keep clean with hand washing as part of the hospital infection prevention and control regime.


Good News Stories

The RD&E has had no Trust attributed MRSA bloodstream infections (bacteraemia) since 2011. This is a wonderful achievement that should be celebrated. Through the introduction of screening, care bundles and good hand hygiene, the number of hospital attributable clinical MRSA infections has also been significantly reduced.


Clostridium difficile infections have also been reduced significantly.  The Department of Health set each Trust a threshold of cases of C. difficile they should not exceed each year.  For the last 2 years the RD&E have been under the threshold and in 2015/16 and 2016/17 the RD&E’s rate was significantly lower than both the national and the regional rate. 


We are aiming to minimise all infections by encouraging all staff, patients and visitors to observe good infection prevention and control practices in all our settings.


Infection prevention and control is everyone’s responsibility.


Updated 27-04-2017