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Foundation Programme - What support will be offered for my career and personal development?

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On arrival at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital all F1 doctors will attend a formal induction. The induction process includes Trust mandatory training as well as information about medical education, opportunities at Exeter, and a warm welcome.


For each part of the rotation F1 doctors will also undergo specialty and subspecialty based induction.



There will be structured educational sessions specific for F1 doctors on a regular basis covering professional and clinical skills. These will be based on the national curriculum for the foundation programme.


Training will take place primarily in the clinical arena, but also in the skills lab/simulated scenario based setting and the classroom setting.


Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust is well equipped with Internet access in all clinical areas.  The Exeter Health Library (see, located in the new Peninsula Medical School building on the hospital site, provides access to web-based resources including databases, print and full-text electronic journals and textbooks. The hospital intranet provides invaluable information and support for both clinical work and learning and links to the Internet.


Learning agreement

The educational objectives in the job description for the foundation programme year 1, form the basis for the learning agreement, which is signed up to by the foundation programme doctor, the educational supervisor, and the clinical tutor.



All F1 doctors will undergo regular appraisal throughout the year with their educational supervisor. These appraisals will help to identify learning needs and acknowledge where achievements have occurred. They are designed to be supportive.


The appraisals will be informed by a competency assessment system using national guidance and documentation.



All Foundation doctors will be assessed using a formalised competency based assessment system. It is designed so that the majority of assessment will take place in the clinical work environment.


Career Counselling

Career counselling will be offered to all doctors throughout the Foundation Programme. This will take many forms including feedback from educational and clinical supervisors, use of IT based programmes for specialty preference and formal sessions with medical education tutors.