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Foundation Programme Further Information

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The foundation programme is designed to give new doctors a broad base to their early training years, with structured training and educational support. Foundation doctors will have a service commitment on the wards as well as on-call responsibilities.  The majority of the learning will take place in the clinical areas.


The essence of the new Foundation Programme is to give newly qualified doctors a balanced training in their first two years, with appropriate senior support, and the ability to work on areas of interest providing the knowledge, skills and attitudes of a competent trainee.


Defined learning objectives and structured teaching programmes based on a core curriculum will allow trainees to develop the knowledge, skills, and attributes required to be a competent junior doctor.


F1 Year in Exeter

The first (F1) year is designed to fulfil the basic GMC registration requirements for full registration.


Trainees in F1 will undergo competency training and assessment, which will include educational and career informing events in various different clinical and diagnostic environments.


The F1 programme has been designed to enable newly qualified doctors to gain grounding in the care of the acutely ill patient, to develop their core professional skills such as organisational, prioritisation and communication skills, to increase their knowledge and understanding of the NHS as an organisation and to explore career opportunities.


F2 Year in Exeter

The F2 year will build on the experience gained in F1 and provide further opportunities to develop skills.  As part of the F2 year trainees will be able to take advantage of ‘taster’ days in a range of specialties to enable F2 doctors to experience specialties they have not previously studied as a student or F1 doctor.