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Dr Lewis Jones (photo right) Photo of Dr Lewis Jones

Relying on clinical skills alone to diagnose poisoning is what makes toxiocology a particular interest of the Emergency Department consultant Dr Lewis Jones.  It’s a bit like detective work using symptoms and patient history, which is not always available, to work out what is making a patient ill rather than using tests such as blood samples.


Dr Jones, who has a postgraduate diploma in medical toxicology, said: “Only having clinical skills to work out what the poison is and mindful of how every second counts is what makes this area of work interesting.”


The Emergency Department has seen over 1000 cases of poisonings since 2006. Typical poisoning cases can range from excessive alcohol, street or ‘recreational’ drugs, and deliberate and accidental overdose of prescription medicine to digesting harmful substances. The growing popularity of foraging for wild mushrooms, herbs and plants to eat means accidental poisoning is not unusual.