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A-Z Services - Emergency Department - Minors, Majors & Resuscitation

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In addition to the six ‘see and treat’ rooms close to the waiting area, there is the minors unit.


Access to this clinical area is restricted. It consists of nine cubicles, including two where children are treated. There is also a dedicated Ear, Nose and Throat room which has specialist equipment.


The West of England Eye Unit provides an eye room service Monday to Friday from 9.15am to 7.45pm and at weekends between 9.15am and 6.45pm. Out of these hours eye patients are cared for by nurses and doctors within the Emergency Department with the support of an on call eye doctor.



Patients with life threatening illnesses, where for example their breathing or circulation might be compromised, are treated in resuscitation where the three bays have equipment for intensive treatment and support.


One of these bays where children are treated with equipment specifically for paediatric patients. This area in ED can be a quiet calm place compared with the general treatment bays.


Waiting area for relatives

Unlike the television hospital dramas where relatives are seen bursting into ‘resus’ this is not the case in real life ED. There is a private lounge with a courtyard garden area for relatives and friends of patients in resuscitation or in the Majors unit. This can be a very anxious time for loved ones so often a nurse will stay with the family and keep them informed of what is happening.



This area has nine cubicles, four of which are fully enclosed, and is where seriously ill patients can also be taken to Majors where they will be assessed by a nurse and given the appropriate care. The self-enclosed rooms are dual-purpose as useful observation bays if a patient is stable but needs monitoring before being discharged.


ED theatre

This small theatre is equipped for a range of procedures such as stitching and manipulation of fractures. It also doubles up as another calm and self-contained space to treat children away from the general bustle of the Emergency Department. There is a tv and DVD for patients to watch when they are being treated.