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A-Z Services - Emergency Department - Patient Arrivals

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Arrival of patients who have made their own way to ED

Walking wounded can arrive directly at the reception desk where the staff will need to ask questions to establish what the patient condition is and to retrieve or complete computerised patient records. 


At this point the patient might be advised by the reception clerk that it would be appropriate for them to be treated next door at the Walk In Treatment Centre, a service provided by Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust, or in the hospital Emergency Department. All patients are seen and assessed by a triage nurse to decide where the patient should be treated. There are six ‘see and treat rooms’ close to the waiting room area equipped to treat minor injuries or conditions.


Helping us to help you

Our reception staff understand that members of the public coming in to the Emergency Department can be frightened, anxious, in pain or discomfort. However it is very important that patients or the person accompanying them co-operate and provide the information requested in a calm and clear manner. The information you provide is an essential part of the treatment process.


We want to make it as easy as possible for patients or their relatives to communicate with staff and can provide aids or support services to assist, including hearing loops, a telephone translation service and private rooms for confidential discussions.


Waiting for treatment

Photo of Young visitors Emergency Department waiting areaOur waiting room has been furnished with comfort, safety and cleanliness in mind. There are vending machine snacks and drinks available, particularly for relatives or for those accompanying a patient who don’t want to leave the department to get refreshments.


Patients are asked not to eat or drink anything before they have been seen by a doctor or nurse.

The separate waiting room for children is equipped with play equipment, television and books. Money was kindly donated for these items by Express and Echo readers.  Children can be taken from this play area directly to two dedicated paediatric treatment rooms.