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Diabetes, Vascular and Endocrine Health Centre

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Exeter Diabetes Handbook


This section of the website is primarily intended for healthcare professionals, and uses medical language. We hope to develop a section for the benefit of patients in the future.


The Diabetes UK website is an excellent source of information for patients and professionals alike.


See below the subject headings of the Exeter Diabetes Handbook. They will, in time, be linked to the relevant sections of the handbook.


Patient-held records

Diabetes Care Plan (endorsed by CCG)


Referral guidelines

Entry and exit criteria for RD&E diabetes clinics


Diabetes diagnosis

Diagnostic criteria

What type of diabetes is it?


Diabetes education

Structured education

Top 10 dietary tips for diabetes


Monitoring glucose control

New HbA1c units

Preferred blood glucose meters (CCG advice)


Blood glucose control in type 2 diabetes

Treatment pathway

Continue, switch or add drugs?

Glycaemic targets and frailty



Insulin in type 2 diabetes


DPP-4 inhibitors (Gliptins)

SGLT-2 inhibitors

GLP-1 analogues

GLP-1 analogues with insulin




Insulin needles

Which insulins are currently available?

Analogue insulins in type 2 diabetes

Dose adjustment

Dose adjustment for illness and exercise





Sudden visual loss


Who needs to notify DVLA? Who needs to do blood testing?

Information for patients

More detail about hypoglycaemia awareness and severe hypos



Screening for diabetes in pregnancy

Follow-up of gestational diabetes


Cardiovascular risk reduction

Blood pressure

Cholesterol and lipids in type 1 diabetes

Cholesterol and lipids in type 2 diabetes

Anti-platelet therapy


Renal disease in diabetes

Diabetes drugs in renal impairment




Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction pathway


Integrated foot care

Integrated footcare pathway

Antibiotic protocol

Annual review - neuropathy


Painful diabetic neuropathy

Foot Doppler examples

Footcare patient information

Annual foot review training (free log-in via Diabetes Times)

Charcot clinical guideline

Heel cup guideline for podiatrists


Virtual Clinics

Virtual clinics description and topics