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Dermatology Clinical Services

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What services do we provide

Clinics available:

General dermatology clinics
General dermatology clinics run on most days and provide new and follow-up care for adult patients with all types of skin conditions including skin rashes, acne, eczema, psoriasis, and skin infections.


Pigmented lesion (Mole) clinic

This provides a rapid-access diagnosis and treatment service for adult patients with suspicious moles and suspected melanoma skin cancer.


Skin cancer clinic

The skin cancer clinic provides a diagnosis and treatment service for adult patients with suspected skin cancer including basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma.


Paediatric dermatology clinic

The  paediatric dermatology clinic  provides dermatology care for children  (under 16 years) with all types of skin conditions including atopic eczema, acne, skin infections, psoriasis, genetic skin diseases and birthmarks.


Skin surgery

The dermatology department has three purpose-built skin surgery operating theatres where patients can receive a range of skin surgery treatments under local anaesthetic.


The NHS e-Referral teledermatology service offers rapid advice and guidance within 1-3 days, and can be used for patients with rashes, skin lesions and non-melanoma skin cancer.


Specialist clinics and services:

Biologics clinic

This clinic provides monitoring for patients receiving biologic injection or infusion treatments for severe psoriasis.


Day Care Treatment Unit

The department has a dedicated Day Care Treatment Unit and has access to in-patient beds in the Royal Devon and Exeter Wonford hospital, with patients admitted under the medical teams. 


Hyperhidrosis service

This service includes the following two treatments:

Laser Therapy

Joint paediatric and adult NHS clincis are held at the South West Laser Service 0 Exeter Nuffield Hospital.


The department also referes selected patients to teh Exeter Medical NHS Laser Service.


Lymphoedema clinic

A weekly clinic offering investigation and hosiery / bandage treatment for patients with swelling of the arms or legs due to problems with the lymphatic system.


Mohs surgery

A specialised form of surgery for complex skin cancers, carried out on Mondays in the dermatology department.


Patch testing

This type of allergy testing is used to investigate certain types of dermatitis/eczema, (contact dermatitis).


Photodynamic therapy

A specialised form of light treatment for certain types of skin cancer and sun damage.



Ultraviolet light therapy is used to treat a range of skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. Treatment is usually given 2-3 times a week. Two types of ultraviolet light therapy are available in the department;PUVA and narrow band UVB (TLO1).


Vulval clinic

A joint clinic with gynaecology for selected patients with vulval skin disease.


Skin lymphoma clinic

A joint clinic with haematology for selected patients with skin lymphoma.


Updated: 21 August 2017