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A - Z Services - Community Services

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Community Services

We have inpatient units at three community hospital sites which equate to 72 beds. We deliver services across 12 community sites which can include outpatients, nurse clinics, surgical day case units, endoscopy, MSK physio, maternity, diagnostics, MIU, renal unit, dental and specialist dementia centres.


Care delivered in or close to people’s homes provides more person-centred care which can maintain their wellbeing and independence. This is supported by the fact people tell us through our patient experience survey that if they are ill they would prefer to be at home and stay at home wherever possible, with appropriate support.


Therefore in addition to our community sites, we have health and social care integrated teams which consist of nurses, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, support workers/therapy assistants, administrators, community matrons and social care staff (who are employed by Devon County Council).


These integrated teams work together to provide a range of support to enable the people in our communities to remain safe and well at home.