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A - Z Services - Colorectal Cancer

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Service Name

Colorectal Cancer


Service Manager

Emma Jenkins








General description of what the service does

To provide the best possible care for patients who are diagnosed with bowel cancer. We provide support, information, counselling and education to patients and their relatives/carers throughout their treatment.


Where are you located

Level 2, Area F, Room F258


Treatments and procedures done

We support patients who are undergoing investigations for bowel cancer, as well as those going through treatment which may include surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.


Medical conditions treated

Colon cancer
Rectal cancer

Anal cancer


Wards you work with

Endoscopy unit, surgical outpatients, Lyme ward or any ward where patients who have a bowel cancer are located. Yeo ward, Okement ward, Cherrybrook ward and the Oncology unit.


Contact phone numbers

01392 402781


Contact email addresses


Brief description of what staff makes up your team

4 Colorectal Nurse Specialist
6 Stoma Care Nurse Specialist
7 Surgeons
3 Oncologist
2 Radiologist
2 Histopathologist
1 MDT Co-ordinator
2 Gastroenterologist
1 Hospice Care Consultant
3 Bowel Screening Nurse Specialist


Areas of innovative or leading edge techniques, procedures or research

The care provided to patients and carers is provided by a team. All patients are discussed by the team (MDT meeting) at various stages in their treatment.

Opening times

9am-4.30pm. You may need to leave a message on the answerphone if we are not in the office. We will return your call within 24 hrs, or you can contact us via the hospital switchboard.


List of any charity partners

The Force Cancer Support Centre


Details of patient user / support groups

We arrange 4 monthly patient coffee mornings for patients and carers to give us feedback on the service at all stages of the cancer treatment. This helps us to improve the service we provide.


Additional Information

The care provided for bowel cancer patients and carers is given by a multi-professional team. Patient and carers can access the Colorectal Nurse Specialist at any stage in their treatment.

We aim to provide a continuous dependable service, that you can rely on and readily access whenever needed.


We acknowledge that a cancer diagnosis has a great impact on patients and carers, physically, emotionally, and psychologically. It is therefore our aim to provide the highest possible standard of care for all our patients at every stage in their treatment.


Health and Wellbeing Clinic

The Virtual Health and Wellbeing Clinic is a resource that provides information for those living with and beyond a bowel cancer diagnosis.


Please watch the presention below or on our Vimeo channel. Once the presentation has finished, please take the time to complete a short survey. This will allow us to monitor patient access and continue to make improvements to the information we provide. Your feedback is really important to us. Thank you.