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Outpatients and Day Care Visits


Day Care unit is found on Bramble ward and is used for many procedures that do not require admission. This includes blood tests, infusions, reviews, dressing and wound care and allergy challenges. It is open daily and run by 2 nursing staff.

Outpatients is situated near Bramble ward in a designated children are with some toys and television screens. The nursing staff are trained in paediatrics and offer routine procedures such as ECGs and phlebotomy at the point of care.

If you need to change or cancel appointments on the Day Case Unit or outpatients please call these numbers:

Patient Initiated Follow Up (PIF)

A new initiative has been launched in paediatric outpatients which will be discussed with you in your appointment. For some people a set appointment in the future which happens routinely every six month to a year is not needed. For certain patients we will be offering Patient Initiated Follow Up (PIF). This is a system where you and the doctor have agreed that the follow up should happen more on clinical need, than at regular set dates in the future.


This will be recorded with the parent / guardian consent and no further date for an appointment will be given. However when the patient or parent/guardian feel that they need to see their doctor, or health care professional, they can simply call up the relevant secretary within the next twelve months.


The secretary will arrange for their health care provider to call back and discuss the problem or arrange an outpatient appointment within two weeks. The flow chart should highlight how it works but you will also be provided with a patient information leaflet on the process.


Updated 21 December 2017