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Hospital Admissions


Staying in hospital can be an overwhelming experience, we are a friendly team and our nurses and play therapists work hard to make everyone feel comfortable.

We have three in-patient areas on the children’s ward: Blue (mainly for surgical day case), Green (cubicles mainly for infants) and Yellow ( mixed areas for older children). We also have 4 High Dependency beds for those children who need more support, and access to a special paediatric bed on the Intensive Care ward.

We very much encourage all children to attend our wonderful hospital school Devon Hospital Short Stay School, run by Head Teacher Julia Allen with 3 teachers and a teacher’s assistant. There are two school rooms, or patients can be taught at the bed side. It is open in term times from 9.15-12 and 1.15-3.15, and they had a GOOD OFSTED rating. Our play room and newly refurbished outdoor play space can also be accessed whilst on the ward.

Please do let us know if you require an interpreter or any special assistance. Mealtimes in hospital can be taken by the bedside or in our designated meal area. Please do let us know or any special meal requirements when you arrive.

We offer one bed for a parent to stay overnight with our child. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate both parents. Linen is provided as well as towels, and there are designated parents bathrooms and a kitchen.

We welcome and support breast feeding.


Parking can be difficult, so please plan ahead.


Updated 21 December 2017