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Maternity Services

Coronavirus: frequently asked questions for people using maternity services

Maternity Video Package

Visit to find our comprehensive collection of health information videos, to guide you from preconception, pregnancy, delivery, and through to early childhood.


The Maternity Video Package provides an accessible form of information that you can view on the go, on your phone and tablet, either at home or in hospital. You can also share the information easily with other family members.


Having important information available in video format allows you to return to them again and again, and can alleviate worries if you're unable to recall what the midwife has told you.


Maternity Unit virtual tours

Women and their families can take a virtual tour of our Maternity Unit. The tour video is available as part of the Maternity Video Package, and can also be watched below.



Maternity services consists of:

"We offer our women the choice of giving birth at home, on our alongside birth unit, in the Tiverton freestanding birth unit and on the labour ward. We are very proud to have such an amazing choice and work closely with our women and their families to ensure they feel supported to achieve the birth they want." Zita Martinez, Head of Midwifery


About 4,000 babies are delivered with the support and care of the RD&E Maternity service which has 131 full time equivalent midwives covering both hospitals and community services.


Maternity Triage Service

Our Maternity Triage Service is available 24/7 to provide care and advice to women, midwives and GP's in all areas of antenatal, labour and postnatal care.

If you have any health concerns or think you are in labour please contact us at anytime on 01392 406616 for advice.


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Updated 1 May 2019