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Women’s Health Counsellors

Women’s Health Counsellors are part of the team providing care in The Centre for Women’s Health.  We offer emotional support for women accessing the services of Midwifery and Gynaecology and for parents with babies on the Neonatal Unit.


It is recognised that having a baby on the Neonatal Unit can be an upsetting and challenging experience and we offer ongoing support to parents during this stressful time. We also provide bereavement counselling to parents when a pregnancy ends or a baby dies.


When having to make a decision regarding a pregnancy, treatment option or difficult diagnosis, women can benefit from exploring their feelings and choices with a counsellor. The Counsellors aim to offer a quiet space for women and/or their partners to reflect and consider issues of concern.


Please see the referral criteria for this service below.


CWH Counselling service referral criteria

Maternity, Gynaecology & Neonatology 

Pregnancy referrals for counselling support include:-

Ante-natal decision-making when considering whether to:

All pregnancy loss: stillbirth, miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy and termination. Patients need to contact the service:

Emotional debriefing within 4 months of a problematic labour and delivery, or at Consultant, Gynaecologist, Obstetrician or Neonatal Paediatricians’ discretion.


Gynaecology referrals for counselling support include:-

Decision making when considering gynaecology surgery, e.g. Hysterectomy Post-operatively, within 4 months of surgery taking place or at Consultants discretion.


For psychosexual problems arising from a gynaecological diagnosis and/or treatment, in particular treatment for gynaecological cancers. These referrals are only taken from a Consultant Gynaecologist and/or Clinical Gynaecology/Oncology Nurse Specialist following a consultation with the patient.


Parents who have had babies on the Neonatal Unit - referrals for counselling support include:-

Bereavement counselling following the death of a baby. Parents need to contact the service within 4 months.


Emotional debriefing for parents following their baby/babies discharge from the Neonatal Unit. Parents need to contact the service within 4 months or are referred at Consultant Neonatal Paediatricians’ discretion. Support alongside a Consultant Neonatal Paediatrician at a debriefing session.


Contact address:

Women's Health Counsellors
The Centre for Women's Health
RD&E Hospital (Wonford)
Barrack Road
Exeter EX2 5DW
01392 406678