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The Centre for Women’s Health is the first new building which has had to comply with Part M of the Disability Discrimination Act specifying how buildings will be accessible for disabled users.


Although other building schemes have taken place on the Wonford site since the Act came into being in 2004, this was the only scheme with less than 15 per cent of foundations in place at that time so the whole building was designed to meet the Part M requirements.


This means 20 per cent of all toilets and bathrooms are accessible for patients with varying disabilities, and width of corridors, weights of doors and positioning of door handles and furniture have been considered with this in mind.


Representatives from the Trust’s Disability Equality Action Group met with the architect, estates project manager and heads of department from maternity and gynaecology to discuss provision for disabled patients and visitors.


There are 13 disabled parking spaces, a low-level reception counter, contrasting colours on walls, floors, skirting and doors to assist the visually impaired; two lifts with appropriate finishes, fittings and controls and basins with taps which can be operated with a closed fist. Toilet seats are in colours which contrast with the pans, paper sheet dispensers and grab rails contrasting with the backgrounds and appropriately located. Assisted bathrooms, showers and toilets all have red pull cords.