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A-Z Services - Catering Our Commitment

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We will give you the chance to choose foods you like eating, get them to you at the right time and serve them in a friendly and efficient manner.


Our menus will be designed so that you can easily find suitable and interesting dishes.


Hot food will be hot and cold food will be chilled.


We will serve the foods to you as soon as possible after they are ready so that they taste and look good.


Our ward team will always be on hand to help you with ordering, eating and any other needs you may have with the Mealtime Service.


Our menus will always be checked by qualified dietitians so that you get the right foods.


If you are on a special diet then this will be prescribed by your doctor or dietitian. if you do not understand your diet then please ask to see a dietitian.


Our menus will offer you foods which have been prepared in ways which respect your cultural needs or religious beliefs.


We will try and make mealtimes as comfortable for you as possible. We will try and keep other activity on the ward to a minimum so you can enjoy your meals in peace.


Our 24 Hour Service will be genuinely available 24 hours a day.


We want you to let us know what you think about the food and meals service. If you have any comments please complete one of our questionnaires or ask to talk to someone from the catering team.