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A-Z Services - Cardiology

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Photo of Cardiology Laboratory


The RD&E NHS Foundation Trust provides a comprehensive diagnostic and interventional cardiology service to a population of around 500,000. The department has six cardiologists based within the RD&E and two visiting cardiologists from North Devon. Recent investment by the Trust has enabled the development of a second cardiac catheterisation lab and the refurbishment of the original cath lab with state of the art facilities.


To help reduce waiting times for Cardiology services the Trust has implemented a two-year recovery plan, which includes investing in our infrastructure and workforce, and closer working with local GPs. For more details, please see the full briefing, here: Cardiology services at the RD&E, April 2019


We currently provide a 24 hour service for primary angioplasty, which aims to provide patients suffering from heart attacks with access to a dedicated, consultant-led theatre team who will perform potentially life saving angioplasty soon after a patient’s arrival in hospital.


This site contains:

  1. Links to the key personnel within the cardiology department.

  2. Phone numbers of key staff and locations within the department.

  3. Access to electronic copies of our patient information leaflets.

We have links with other organisations such as the British Heart Foundation, where a wealth of information is available regarding cardiac conditions.


If you would like to provide feed back on the information on this site or have any suggestions for improvement contact:


Cardiac MRI Images - Click on the links below to view an animated image.

Click here to view a Cardiac MRI angiogram of heart


Click here to view a Cardiac MRI of normal heart


Click here to view a Cardiac MRI perfusion study to look for angina


Click here to view a Stress Cardiac MRI study to look for angina