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Princess Elizabeth Orthopaedic Centre - Exeter Spinal Unit

Services Offered


The Exeter Spinal Unit offers a comprehensive service to assess, diagnose and treat all conditions which affect the adult and paediatric spine be they  mechanical, degenerative, traumatic, deformity, oncological or infective. The remit of orthopaedic spinal surgery however, stays outside of the dura (the protective layer that covers the spinal cord and nerves).


The Unit has a full range of diagnostic facilities including MRI and CT scaners, diagnostic/ interventional radiological procedures, plain x-ray and nuclear medicine.


Exeter Spinal Team


The team are supported by a wide range of medical specialities including dedicated Musculo-Skeletal Interventional Radiologists, Oncologists, Haematologists, Paediatricians, Vascular Surgeons, Pain Management and Rehabilitation specialists.