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New telephone reminder service


We want to use technology to improve the service we provide to our patients and ensure that we reduce the number of appointments that are missed.


Over the past twelve months, 34,674 patients forgot to attend their appointment or didn’t tell us they couldn’t make it. If you have an outpatient appointment with us, from the 10th December you may receive a telephone reminder a week before your appointment is due.


We just want to remind you of your appointment and confirm whether you can still attend. If the date is no longer convenient, we can offer the slot to another patient on the waiting list and cancel or re-arrange your appointment.


We piloted this service for nine months in four departments, resulting in a drop of 40% in missed appointments, and freeing up over 2,000 appointments for other patients on the waiting list.


Anyone under 70 years old will receive an automated call first, whilst those over 70 years will only receive a call from an operator. For security purposes you will be asked to confirm your date of birth. You will then be reminded of the date, time, location and specialty name of your appointment.

Some areas are not suitable for this service (i.e. oncology) and so there may be some appointments you don’t receive a reminder for.


The provider of this service will not have access to any Trust systems and so no previous medical history or reason for your appointment will be shared. All calls are recorded for training and quality services and so if you have any concerns please contact us on 01392 406992 or email us on rde-tr.CABCentralSupport@nhs.net.


We understand that this service may not be suitable for everyone and so if you do not wish to receive a free telephone reminder, you can opt out by calling 01392 406992 or emailing rde-tr.CABCentralSupport@nhs.net.