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18 Week Commitment

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We understand that having prompt access to our NHS Services is important to you and we are committed to providing treatment within 18 weeks.  The 18 week clock starts when your GP refers you to the hospital.


If you need treatment for Cancer you will be seen and receive treatment more quickly.


You can help us to keep to the 18 week timescale by attending all of your appointments and lettings us know as soon as possible about any changes to your personal details or if you no longer wish to have treatment.


What to do if you do not want treatment within 18weeks:-


If you decide from your initial appointment that you do not want to have your treatment within 18weeks you will be referred back to your GP. When you feel you are able to have your treatment you will need to speak to your GP who will refer you back to the hospital.


If you cancel your new outpatient appointment twice you may be discharged back to your GP to be re-referred to us.