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Inpatient Stay - For You and Your Visitors

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The hospital has facilities to benefit you and your visitors. These include shops with gifts, flowers, magazines, sweets and books in the main entrance; a cashpoint machine; courtyard garden; pay phones.



There is a postbox in the main hospital entrance. Post is collected at 5.30pm but if you are unable
to get to the postbox, please speak to a member of the ward team. If your family or friends want to send you mail please ask them to address items to you by the name you give us, not by a nickname, and include the name of the ward you are staying on. The address is Barrack Road, Exeter, EX2 5DW.



We cannot take care of your personal laundry. Please ask a friend or relative to bring clean clothing for you. If this is difficult, please talk to a member of staff.


Telephone, internet, TV and radio services

Each hospital bed has its own telephone, internet, TV and radio services, provided by a company called Hospedia. You can buy TV services via your credit or debit card directly at the bedside. Once registered you will receive internet, games and radio free.  Ward team members will also be able to help you set up these services.

The telephone service can be used to keep in touch with family and friends outside the hospital, but please note that external calls to the bedside will attract a higher rate charge than a local call. If you would like further details on the cost of making calls to the bedside phone please call 0345 414 1234 or visit



We work in partnership with the Devon and Cornwall police to provide security in the hospital. Please talk to a member of the ward team if you have any concerns about your personal security. They may be able to arrange for you to talk directly with the police officer based in the hospital.

Please do not bring valuables into the hospital because we can’t guarantee their safe-keeping. If you do have to bring valuables please ask a nurse to store them safely for you. Please ensure you get a receipt for your valuables. We are sorry but we cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to items that were not handed to us for safe-keeping.


If There's a Fire

If there’s a fire please follow the instructions our ward staff give you. If you see a fire or smell smoke, please tell a staff member immediately.


Getting Involved

We want local people to help us plan our services and influence the way we develop in the future. You can do this by:

For more information about the NHSFT, the PPI or becoming a volunteer please contact our Health
Information Centre (see page15) or phone (01392) 403977.