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Inpatient Stay - Leaving Hospital

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We will talk to you about arranging your leaving date. Please make sure you have someone to take you home, as we cannot normally provide transport. If this is difficult, please talk to a member of the ward team.


After the doctor says you can leave, the ward team will work hard to make sure this process goes as
smoothly as possible.


Sometimes we move a patient to a local community hospital for further care and treatment. If your doctor advises this for you we will discuss this with you and your family.


If we have to deal with lots of emergencies we sometimes ask patients to transfer earlier to a community hospital. Again we will discuss this with you and your family.


If we arrange to move you to another hospital we will talk with you about this and ensure that you are always looked after properly.



If you are happy to pay for a taxi to take you home then please ask one of the ward team to help you book this.


Gifts & Legacies

If you wish to make a donation to the ward or to the hospital, please ask your nurse to put you in touch with our charitable funds team. You can telephone them on (01392) 403761.