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Inpatient Stay - Cancellations

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We are a busy hospital and see well over 50,000 emergency patients each year. This is on top of our planned work and we have to see our emergency patients as a priority.


This can mean that on very rare occasions we have to cancel some of our planned work. We are very reluctant to cancel a patient’s date to come into hospital because we know how much stress this can cause. We work very hard to ensure this is something we have to do only in exceptional circumstances.


But if we do have to cancel your admission date please accept our apologies. We will rearrange your new date as soon as possible.


Where Where You?

Each year, around 800 people miss their inpatient appointment at the RD&E.


Please do not be one of them: keeping your appointment will mean that you get the treatment you need. It will also help us provide a more efficient service for patients. Missed appointments add to waiting times and cost the NHS £millions each year.


If you really can’t make it please let us know so that we can re-allocate your appointment to someone else and arrange a new time for you.