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Inpatient Stay - What to Bring & What Not to Bring

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What to bring for your hospital stay

What to leave at home

Storage and space is limited around patient beds. Please bring only one bag/small case.


Do not bring in:

If you have to bring valuable items, please ask a nurse to store them safely and request a receipt for the items. You may not be able to have the valuable items returned if the time of discharge from hospital is out of hours.


If you wear glasses, dentures or hearing aids, please be aware there are pink baskets provided for patients to keep smaller items in for safe keeping when not being used.


We are sorry but the Trust cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to items not given for safe keeping.

Dropping off patient property

There may be occasions when a patient requires essential items to be brought in. Due to the current visiting restrictions, a patient property drop-off point has been set up to enable this to happen.


Please ensure these essential items are kept to an absolute minimum as everything needs to be cleaned regularly. All essential items should be brought in a plastic bag which is clearly labelled with the patient's name and ward.


Please note that valuable items (including jewellery, watches and money) should not be brought in. This is due to us not always being able to securely store valuables for patients.


For the RD&E Wonford site, the drop-off point is situated in the PALS office in the main entrance, and is available:

Please try to avoid coming in with property outside of these hours.


For community inpatient areas, please contact the relevant hospital prior to dropping off any patient property: