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Here to Help - Patient Affairs Bereavement Service

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We provide sympathetic support and assistance to bereaved relatives and carers to help them through the procedures following the death of a patient at the hospital.


Our Information booklet to help you during a bereavement is designed to help you cope with the practical steps following the death of a patient over the coming few days or weeks. The bereavement booklet containing information about:

  1. Making contact with a funeral director
  2. Collecting the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death
  3. Dealing with the coroner (if applicable)
  4. Tissue donation
  5. Arranging to see your loved one
  6. Collecting property and valuables
  7. Hospital post-mortem
  8. Registering the death
  9. Other help available

We can be contacted between 9.30am to 4.00pm Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays) on 01392 402349.


We apologise if you connect to an answerphone, as our phone line can be very busy. It is essential that you leave a contact phone number.


Please be assured that we will respond to your message as soon as we can.


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