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An easy to use list of our services - linking to pages of information about each service.


Ward visiting times

8.00 am - 8.00 pm, everyday.

Please read our Visitors Charter for more details about what you can expect when visiting a patient in hospital. Some wards or clinical areas have different visiting arrangements. Please see individual ward pages for details:

If a relative wants to visit outside the general ward visiting times they should discuss this with the matron or nurse in charge of the ward and agree an arrangement. See the ward page for a list of the wards within the hospistal.


Ward visiting may be restricted further as part of our infection control management, for example, when patients on a ward have norovirus (diarrhoea & vomiting) bug or a flu virus. These measures are necessary to prevent a spread of the illness to other patients and visitors. If you wish to send flowers to a patient, please be advised that they are not permitted to be kept on certain wards. Please check with the patient's ward before arranging delivery of flowers or bringing flowers into the hospital.



Patients, visitors and staff can now browse the Internet free of charge via their mobile device whilst visiting our sites. The free Wi-Fi will enable patients to access health resources whilst waiting for consultations and treatments.


Select the NHS WIFI option from the list of available wireless networks on your device, and follow the on-line instructions to sign-up.


Let's get you home

If you are coming into hospital for planned surgery then please spend 5 minutes watching our new video - Let’s Get You Home – which explains how patients, families and carers should plan to go home from hospital as soon as they are ready. Your recovery will be speedier at home so please remember to talk to our staff as well as your family and carers on what support you need to get you home.



Last updated: 23 August 2018