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Mardon Neuro-Rehabilitation Centre - Rehabilitation

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At Mardon neuro-rehabilitation is offered to individuals who are in recovery from neurological illness or injury or who are living in the community and require re-assessment of their needs. For the individual this involves working with the Rehabilitation Team, family and/or carers in nursing and therapy sessions. Regular review meetings take place to ensure rehabilitation goals are being achieved and that leaving the centre is planned appropriately.


A rehabilitation assessment is made by a qualified multi-professional team led by a consultant neurologist and tailored to your needs.


Assessment is based on your current levels of capability and our initial observations. The areas reviewed include functional skills, cognitive abilities, mobility, social, intellectual and communication skills. If appropriate you will start a programme of treatment and rehabilitation aimed at you re-learning everyday skills.


The process of assessment is continuous and the results measured so that the programme can be modified accordingly. Emphasis is placed on encouraging you to reach your full health potential as soon as possible.


An important part of the rehabilitation programme is also to plan for your future. This is achieved by involving and working with your family/carers and external professional services. Families/carers are encouraged to participate in the rehabilitation process where appropriate.


Rehabilitation is aimed at enabling you to achieve your potential. This includes the physical, psychological and social activities of daily living.


The ultimate goal of rehabilitation is to prepare you for coping well in the community you live in. This is achieved by setting realistic goals within clear time limits.


Mardon art Café

art cafeDr. Harrower, Consultant Neurologist expressed the idea of having art available for the patients .The project was set up in June 2012 and now runs on a weekly basis funded by the league of friends of Mardon.


The group is friendly and enables patients to find their own creativity and use `art` to reach neuro-rehabilitation goals.



art cafeWith many thanks to the following people who made this possible





Last Updated: 11 February 2015