MY CARE: clinical transformation programme

MY CARE is going live on 10th October – one month to go 

MY CARE is a once in a generation chance to improve how we deliver healthcare. This is the first time a programme of this type has been implemented across acute and community settings in the UK.

From 10th  October patients will also be able to register for the new MY CARE patient portal, or app, which will allow you to see information about your visits, hospital prescribed medication and upcoming appointments. We will keep you updated about our go live and the MY CARE patient portal in the coming weeks. For more information see the poster below. 

My Care Go Live Poster

More about MY CARE

We are working on one of the biggest programme of changes in the RD&E's history.

The MY CARE clinical transformation programme aims to improve everyone's experience at the RD&E - patients, staff and visitors. We want a better connection between the care people receive at our hospitals, in community clinics and at home.

It will mean that patients will be seen in the most suitable place, reducing unnecessary hospital visits or extended stays.

One of the ways we're going to do this is by introducing a comprehensive electronic patient record system (EPR). At the moment, healthcare staff have to track down and access patient information using lots of separate computer and paper-based systems. Our new electronic system means all the information will be in one place.

Clinical staff will be able to see their patient's full story at a glance, including their medical history, latest test results and current medications.

Patients (and their relatives, if needed) will be able to view their record and generally take an active role in their healthcare.

The new system will be provided by US-based software company, Epic.

The benefits

The benefits include:  

  • Patients easy and secure access to your own records
  • Patients seen in the best place, by the best care provider
  • Patients no longer having to repeat themselves over and over to different staff and receiving quicker test results
  • Patients and staff having easy, real-time access to a comprehensive picture of a patient’s healthcare history (GPs and staff caring for patients in their homes are also able to access the system)
  • Remove current frustrations of staff from having to log in many times to multiple computer systems and eliminating unnecessary paper documentation and forms
  • Creating more time to care and ensuring staff have the latest tech devices to deliver mobile care

Patient Portal (your health records)

Coming soon!


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