Update to blood donation eligibility rules

14 Jun 2021

Today sees a change to blood donation eligibility rules. Now, more men who have sex with men will be able to donate blood, platelets and plasma, making blood donation more inclusive while keeping blood just as safe.

Darren Tudor-Green, an auxiliary nurse at the RD&E, who’s currently working at the Exeter Mass Vaccination Centre, has campaigned for three years for a change in the rules and is one of the first gay men in the country who will give blood under the new rules.

Darren said: “I’m delighted things are changing. The amount of lives that could be saved may even increase with more donors now able to give.”

Kieran Loft, RD&E LGBTQ+ Network Chair says ”It’s great that blood donation has been made more inclusive through a personalised risk assessment which is carried out for every donor. This will help us to remove some of the stigma surrounding same-sex relationships, as well as providing more blood for the critically ill. Well done to Darren for all his hard work - for donating his blood!”

For more information about the new rules, visit NHS Blood and Transfusion. 
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