Stage one of the national COV-BOOST study complete - well done research team!

8 Jul 2021

A massive well done to the research team at the RD&E who have completed stage one of the national COV-BOOST study, which assesses the effect of a third ‘booster’ dose of Covid-19 vaccine to see whether it offers better protection against the virus than the standard two injections.

The team worked at pace to recruit to the study - 152 people were recruited and seen within just 3 weeks.

It was real team effort to set up & complete the study so efficiently with lots of challenges – such as getting a vaccine delivered from Germany arriving by plane and then travelling here with full police escort to get it on site on time - plus sourcing a new -80 degrees freezer!

So a massive well done and thank you to the whole team - including the staff who have are also participating in the study!

Please note that due to the large number of applications, we were unable to invite all applicants to take part in the first stage of the trial. We are currently planning the next stages of the trial, so if you applied and haven’t heard back from us, we may be in touch later on in the year.

The COV-BOOST team



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