RD&E staff rise to the challenge

19 Feb 2020

Staff at the Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust have demonstrated a high level of resilience, despite meeting considerable challenges over the last year, according to the latest national NHS Staff Survey.

Responses to the wide-ranging survey of NHS employees remained positive overall, with 72% of RD&E staff saying they would recommend the Trust as a place to work – well above the 64% average for Combined Acute and Community Trusts nationally.

85% of RD&E staff reported that they would be happy with the standard of care provided by the Trust if a friend or relative needed treatment, compared with an average of 71% in similar trusts across England.

On a set of 11 key themes relevant to staff experience, the RD&E response for 2019 maintained the higher-than-average scores recorded in 2018 in the majority of areas, showing statistically significant decreases in two scores only.

The NHS staff survey provides a useful snapshot on the opinions of a sample of staff at the RD&E. The results are used to identify issues that need to be addressed at an organisation-wide level as well as driving specific responses at a departmental or staff group level.

Suzanne Tracey, Chief Executive of the Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust, said: “I want to pay tribute to the amazing resilience and positivity of the staff of the RD&E Trust. Despite the fact that the last year has been tough with little let up in the pressures we have faced, staff have remained focused on delivering high quality, safe care to the people who need it.

“The positive responses in the Staff Survey are testament to just how dedicated and determined our teams are, and it makes me very proud. But we know we cannot be complacent and take this good will for granted. We will look at the areas we need to work on as a Trust to make sure that we continue to have such support from our staff. I want us to make sure we continue to be a great place to work with highly engaged employees helping deliver excellent patient care.”

Full results of the NHS England Staff Survey are available on the NHS Staff Survey website.



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