RD&E extends the terms of office for three Non-Executive Directors

17 Apr 2020

Three Non-Executive Directors at the Royal and Devon NHS Foundation Trust (RD&E) have agreed to extend their terms of office.

The RD&E’s Council of Governors, which is responsible for approving the appointment of Non-Executive Directors at the Trust, decided that, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, it would ask two Non-Executive Directors to extend their terms to ensure continuity and stability during the current crisis.

Both Non-Executive Directors were due to stand down over the coming months as their existing terms of office were due to come to an end having reached their normal maximum terms. The Council of Governors also agreed to extend the term of office of another Non-Executive Director for a second full term.

The Council of Governors approved the following extensions to existing RD&E Board members:

  • Peter Dillon – extension of his term of office until July 2021. Mr Dillon is Vice-Chairman and this is the second extension of a year to his term of office
  • Jane Ashman – extension of her term of office until September 2020

In addition, the Council approved the extension of Steve Kirby's term of office for three years from August 2020 following completion of Steve’s first three year term. Non-Executive Directors at the RD&E normally serve a six year term in total.

Commenting on these extensions, James Brent, Chairman at the RD&E, said, “I would like to thank Peter and Jane for their understanding and flexibility in responding to our request to ensure we have a stable and effective Board during this unparalleled time. I am delighted that they have agreed to extend their terms of office and appreciate that they have been able to adapt their plans to continue in their roles. I am sure they will continue to provide much needed wise counsel and scrutiny during this period. The number one priority at this time is to ensure that we focus on meeting the challenge of the Coronavirus pandemic and the needs of all our patients and this means having a strong team at the helm to help guide the Trust.”

He added, “I am also delighted that Steve Kirby’s term of office has been extended for a second term of three years. Steve has played a valuable role at the Board level and I am pleased that he will continue as a Non-Executive Director at the RD&E.”



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