RD&E announces new strategic research agreement to support the next generation of medical research

25 May 2021

The Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust (RD&E) and artificial intelligence company Sensyne Health form partnership to advance medical research to deliver better patient care.

Working closely with the RD&E, Sensyne Health will use clinical artificial intelligence technology to analyse anonymised patient data. This anonymous data will be used to identify patterns and insights that have the potential to improve clinical trials, better understand diseases, and accelerate the discovery of new medicines and treatments.

The RD&E receives an equity stake in Sensyne Health in return for a commitment to work strategically towards the next generation of medical research. In addition, the Trust will receive the investment needed to anonymise data in before it is passed to the company. Future revenues following Sensyne Health’s successful commercial development arising from the research will be put back into patient care by the Trust.

Find out more on the Sensyne Health website.



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