Innovative project that supports carers and patients has won a HSJ award

18 Mar 2021

First piloted at the Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust (RD&E), an innovative project that supports carers has been heralded nationally and has won a prestigious care award with HSJ!

Between April and October 2020, 834 carers from the RD&E went through the scheme, which involved dedicated staff from Devon Carers working with the RD&E to identify situations where patients rely on someone at home to care for them, and where support for those carers is needed.

The results of the pilot have shown significant improvements for both patients and their carers - by supporting carers and providing access to further information, they are more able to look after their own physical, mental and emotional health, as well as the person they care for. This in turn makes it easier for the person they care for to return home sooner, helping to reduce the length of time that they are in hospital.

This pilot is a fantastic example of partnership working across Devon and the positive impact it can have on our patients and their carers - a huge congratulations to everyone involved!

More details are available on the HSJ website!



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