Incredible RD&E staff celebrated at annual awards ceremony

5 Jul 2019

Outstanding staff at the Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust have been celebrated for their achievements and exceptional care at the Trust’s annual award ceremony.

The People’s Choice Awards, which are a new part of the Trust’s extremely popular Extraordinary People awards scheme, was the first opportunity for a wider audience to get involved. Members of the public, patients and staff were all invited to nominate and then vote for the finalists who they felt most deserved to win.

The awards, held at Exeter University’s Great Hall, were hosted by comedian John Ryan. Guests were entertained by the Bristol Reggae Orchestra and given the opportunity to write notes of thanks to other RD&E staff at an interactive graffiti wall, courtesy of Miss C’s Graffiti Academy.

Our incredible winners were:

  • People’s Award - Non-Clinical: Iain Jamieson, Maintenance Assistant, Estates

Iain was nominated by James Orridge, Estates Team Leader, who said: “Iain’s role requires him to carry out maintenance work around the Trust; however he does so much more using his own initiative and ingenuity. He has started recycling used building fixtures and fittings which would otherwise be disposed of. He sorts and services these items for trade staff to select and re-use around the Hospital, therefore saving costs. He collects condemned office chairs and strips re-usable parts to use for repairs giving them a second lease of life and again cutting costs. He also purchases old wheel chairs, with the hospital’s permission, and donates them to charities that are able to carry out any necessary repairs and reuse them for their clients. Iain is professional, helpful and diligent. The extra activities he has initiated prove without a doubt his charitable and conscientious nature.”

  • People’s Award - Clinical: Gemma Forster, Apprentice Health Care Assistant, Exmouth Community Hospital

Gemma’s nomination, written by Natalie Saunders, Onward Care Nurse at the RD&E, said: “Gemma has provided excellent, kind and compassionate care to all our patients over the last few months. In particular, she went out of her way to help someone who did not speak English. The person was anxious at times and struggled with the language barrier despite our best efforts. On one occasion, the patient became distressed and could not communicate her needs. Gemma went above and beyond to find ways to communicate and put the person at ease, using a mobile app to translate and working with team members to devise questions. Above all she was reassuring and kind, treating the patient with the utmost dignity and respect and using different techniques to help calm them. Her actions resulted in the person being reassured and calm, preventing a risk of fall or harm. This had a hugely positive impact on the ward, for both the patients and the staff.”

  • People’s Award - Team: Yarty Day Case

Donna Wannell, who nominated Yarty Day Case, said: “My husband has lymphoma and it’s a scary and anxious time for our family, but Dr Moosa and his team are amazing. Some of his treatment days are long and you get to see a day in the life of the ward: they don’t stop and are always ready with a smile and a comforting word to put your mind at ease. If they don’t have the answer they find someone who does, they cannot do enough for their patients. We had a particularly bad day when my husband was in much pain.  One of the nurses supported him, getting him a cool cloth for his forehead, holding his hand, wiping his tears and helping him control his breathing. They also support the caregiver. They must see hundreds of people in a week but remember the little details that make you realise you are not just a number. No awards or words can show this team their worth, but will help show them how much they are appreciated.”

  • People’s Award – Innovation: Anaesthetic Theatre Team

The Anaesthetic Theatre Team’s nomination, written by Pete Ford, Consultant Anaesthetist at the RD&E, said: “The Anaesthetic Theatre Team has been working alongside SageTech Medical Limited to validate and introduce a new, highly innovative process for recycling waste anaesthetic gases. A process has been designed to capture, extract and purify anaesthetic gases with the possibility of reducing the cost and environmental pollution of anaesthesia in the UK and globally. Less than 5% of the anaesthetic gases are metabolised by the patient and the rest is vented unchanged into the atmosphere via a scavenging system and are potent greenhouse gases (HFCs). Recycling the gases also has a potential financial benefit for the RD&E and the NHS more broadly, as approximately 50 to 60 million pounds are spent on anaesthetic gases per year NHS wide. It is hoped the innovation will provide a stepping stone to unlocking further advances in theatre practices; recycling the waste gas could enable changes in the way theatres and gas scavenging systems are designed, which could lead to more flexible theatre design in the future.”

  • Governors’ Volunteer Award: Steve Orme, Myra Banks and Melanie Tennant

Faye Doris, Deputy Lead Governor, said: "The RD&E has almost 300 volunteers and each and every one plays a crucial role in supporting the Trust and contributing to a positive patient experience. Activities range from running the trolley shop, DJ’ing on Hospital Radio and providing frontline support in clinical areas, amongst other things. Many congratulations to Steve Orme, Melanie Tennant and Myra Banks. On behalf of the Trust I would like to say a huge thank you."

RD&E Chief Executive, Suzanne Tracey, said: “As ever, it is very humbling to attend the award ceremonies that we hold here at the RD&E and to listen to the inspirational stories of our staff going above and beyond to provide exceptional care. I’m always extremely proud of the hard work and exceptional care that our staff give, which is evidenced by the high number of brilliant nominations.

“Huge congratulations to all of our fantastic winners and nominees!”



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