Have your say on the future of patient experience at NDHT and RD&E

1 Sep 2021

‘Patient experience’ is what the process of receiving care feels like for the patient and those who support them.

It is a key element of quality, alongside providing clinical excellence and safer care. Patient experience feedback gives us valuable insights into what we’re doing well and what could be done better. It helps ensure that our patients continue to be at the heart of all that we do.

We are really proud that patient experience feedback from across Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust (NDHT) and the Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust (RD&E) shows high levels of satisfaction – it reflects many things, not least the kind and compassionate care that our staff provide. We are committed to developing patient experience so that we can continually improve, learn and innovate. It is one of our priorities for improvement identified in our 2020/21 Quality Accounts, ensuring patient experience is prioritised and monitored at the highest levels within our organisations.

To support this, we are launching a joint Patient Experience Strategy across NDHT and the RD&E. To guide this work our senior leadership at NDHT and RD&E, including Non-Executive Directors, have developed a set of principles.

We’d really like to hear from our patients, staff, partners and local communities about these principles. We’d like to know if you feel we’re heading in the right direction, and if there is anything else we need to consider.

We have created a very short online survey, which will only take a few minutes and is completely anonymous. The survey closes on Friday 17 September.

Click here to take part in our survey.

Your feedback will help to shape our Patient Experience Strategy, priorities and action plan. We hope you will take this opportunity to share your thoughts, thank you.



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