Work experience

A fantastic opportunity

Work experience at the RD&E provides a fantastic opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge and understanding about the wide-ranging careers available in the NHS. This can prove valuable in shaping your long-term future and demonstrate interest and commitment to future employers. For the Trust, it is a great way to show-off the exciting careers we have on offer and encourage prospective employees for the future. 


16 years and over

We offer clinical and non-clinical work experience, involving patient contact, to individuals aged 16 years and over, for a maximum of four weeks. This includes a range of exciting opportunities, from Physiotherapy and Medicine to Radiology and more. 

Under 16 years

Those under 16 years may complete work experience in a non-clinical area, for a maximum of four weeks. The RD&E has a multitude of non-clinical roles ranging from administration and communications, to estates. 

We are unable to offer work experience in the following areas, without exception. 

  • Emergency Department
  • Intensive Care
  • Neo Natal Unit 
  • Bramble Ward (Children’s Ward)
  • Emergency Operating Theatres 
  • Breast Care Unit 
  • Occupational Health 

How to apply?

Applying to do work experience at the RD&E is easy. Just follow the easy steps below. If you would like any more information then please do not hesitate to contact us. 

  1. Please contact the department that you wish to work in directly. Contacts for some of our popular clinical and non-clinical areas for work experience are listed below. For other areas of interest, please explore our ‘Clinical Services’ pages.

  2. Download and complete a ‘Work Experience Application Formand return it by email to the department you wish to gain experience in. Please be patient when waiting for a reply. Our departments are busy and it can take time to see if a placement is possible.

  3. Download and carefully complete the following documents once the dates have been agreed between you and the department.

    Health Declaration Form (click here to download)
    Confidentiality statement (click here to download)
    Standards - for your information (click here to download)

    Please return the documents to at least two weeks before beginning your placement (we cannot accept documents via post). In your email, please identify which department and line manager you will be joining, along with the agreed dates.

  4. Once the documents above have been checked, an Honorary Contract and (if necessary) a Health Declaration Waiver will be emailed to you. The Health Declaration must be signed and emailed back prior to your start date. The Honorary Contract must be completed /signed and brought with you on your first day of placement. If you are under 18, these documents must be signed by a parent/guardian. We regret that if these documents are not sent with enough time to finalise the placement, then we will be unable to confirm your placement with the Trust. 

Work experience contacts

Clinical work experience

Please find below a range of contacts for clinical work experience opportunities:

Non-clinical work experience 

Please find below a range of contacts for non-clinical work experience opportunities:

Please note: Health Records, Estates and Mobility Centre (Workshop) work experience placements for summer 2020 are now full and they will not be able to take any more students during this time frame.

For other areas of interest, please explore our ‘Clinical Services’ (click here) pages to find the relevant contact.

Work experience general enquiries 


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