Visiting the area

Visiting Devon and Cornwall? You can still contact your home GP for a telephone consultation. If you need more urgent care, phone 111 and they'll signpost you to the most appropriate service.

If you develop COVID-19 symptoms during your visit to the area, it’s important that you act quickly to help yourself and protect those around you. If you have symptoms, stay indoors and self-isolate and arrange a test using your holiday address. Get a free NHS test to check if you have coronavirus.

If you’re staying away from home in self-contained accommodation, make sure that you’ve got some essentials with you including plasters, paracetamol, antiseptic, and order enough of your regular medication from your own GP ahead of your stay away.

Forgot your medication?

Pharmacists can arrange an emergency supply of medicines if you forget to renew your prescription or bring your medication on holiday, even if you don’t live in in the area. You can also order a prescription online.

Need health advice?

Anyone who is either on holiday, or visiting from another part of the country is asked to call their own GP, and not the one closest to where they’re staying, if they need non-urgent advice.

For people who need urgent – but not emergency – medical care when their own GP is not open, and don’t think they can wait, there is just one number to remember – 111. Visit or call 111, at any time day or night.

Please do not turn up at the minor injuries units (MIU) or urgent treatment centres (UTC) without contacting 111 first. If, after contacting 111, you need to attend an MIU or UTC, you will be given an arrival time, which will help everyone continue to follow government guidance, maintain distance and keep people safe while COVID continues to circulate.

Anyone with serious or life-threatening illnesses or injuries should dial 999.


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