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Whilst every effort has been made to make this website accessible we acknowledge that we cannot test for every combination of software or every users needs.Therefore if you have any difficulties using this site please feel welcome to contact us so that we can work together to improve the site.


NHS Choices and AbilityNet offer an excellent guide to customising your computer.


Change text size

Resize text Make the text bigger Make the text smaller

You can change the text size on this website, making it bigger or smaller using the button to the top right of every page, also shown to the right.

This only changes the page that you are looking at, when you move to a new page the font size changes back to the default.


You can also change the font size by changing the settings of your browser. This changes every page that you look at. How to change your text size NHS choices.


Access Keys

Access keys use the keyboard to get to specific pages within the site and more information is detailed on the Access Keys page.


Changeable Colours

It is also possible to change the screen colours used from within your browser.

How to change your screen colours by NHS choices.


Skip Navigation

There is a ‘Skip Navigation ’ (Access key ‘S’) link on every page. This link bypasses the banner and main navigation links going directly to the main content of the page. The link is invisible to graphical browsers but is usable to screenreaders.


Pages still work if CSS is disabled.

We have used style sheets (CSS) to separate the content from the layout. The content still works if style sheets are turned off or unavailable.


Breadcrumb trail

A breadcrumb trail has been provided to show you the path from the home page to where you are in the site. This is available on every page and you can click anywhere in the path to jump to that page.


Search Box

There is a search box (Access key ‘4’) on all pages that allows you to search our website.


Image Explanations

We have used alternative text for images. This allows the image to be understood by text only browsers and assistive technologies such as screen readers.


Simple English

We have written this site using using simple, everyday English and where abbreviations have been used they are explained.


Trust Logo

The Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust logo (Access key ‘1’) at the top right hand corner of every page is a direct link to the homepage.



Every care has been taken to ensure links make sense out of context. Title attributes have been used describe the target of the link. You will be warned if clicking on a link will open a file or web page in a new browser window.



Tables have only be used for tabular data and use html to clearly describe content and headings.


Sign Language interpreter

Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Trust is delighted to enable British Sign Language users to contact us using a Sign Language interpreter, through the InterpretersLive! Service, provided by Sign Solutions.

Call 111 when its less than urgent