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The NHS Devon CCG have for the first time produced a systemwide annual equality report covering the period of 2019/2020. This report includes information required by the Public Sector Equality Duty and the Equality Delivery System report (EDS2) for providers commissioned by NHS Devon CCG. A link to this report including the position for the Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust can be found below; although the current position for the RD&E does not reflect the full picture, which has improved since the publication of this report.

The Trust is committed to improving Equality, Diversity and Inclusion for its staff and service users and continues to promote the existing BAME, Disability and LGBQ+ networks and has recently appointed Inclusion Champions across the Trust. The Trust is progressing plans in the next 12 months through the Trust Diversity and Inclusion Steering Group, led by the CEO to ensure further development in this critical area.

The full NHS Devon CCG Annual Equality Report can be found on their Equality and Diversity webpage: Equality and diversity - Devon CCG.


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