FOI Disclosure Log

COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Staff Uptake of COVID-19 Vaccinations (F4414) 11/03/2022 pdf ICU Bed Capacity & COVID-19 Patients (F4460) 24/02/2022 pdf COVID 19 Deaths (F4394) 21/02/2022 pdf Impact of COVID 19 Visiting Policies (F4373) 21/02/2022 pdf Vitamin D Levels in Severely Ill Covid-19 Patients (F4425) 04/02/2022 pdf Charges to Overseas Visitors and Migrants & Covid 19 (F4434) 31/01/2022 pdf Caesarean Complications and COVID-19 Vaccinations (F4403) 31/01/2022 pdf Covid-19 & Pregnancy (F4321) 31/01/2022 pdf COVID-19 Vaccine Wastage (F4400) 25/01/2022 pdf Unvaccinated Staff (F4348) 30/12/2021 pdf Staff Impacted by Long COVID-19 (F4332) 17/12/2021 pdf Accessible Information - COVID-19 deaths (F4090) 20/10/2021 pdf SARS-CoV-2 - Incidents reporting (F4191) 18/10/2021 pdf Lamp Testing (F4207) 30/09/2021 pdf Covid - 19 deaths (F2846) 22/09/2021 pdf Drug treatment for Covid-19 (F4149) 20/09/2021 pdf Covid - 19 deaths (F2957) 26/07/2021 pdf Patients and Covid Vaccines (F4073) 05/07/2021 pdf PCR TESTS/COVID deaths (F4047) 28/06/2021 pdf Covid 19 Deaths (F4055) 28/06/2021 pdf PCR Tests Under 16 Deaths from SARSCOV2 (F4040) 28/06/2021 pdf PCR Tests Under 16 Deaths from SARSCOV2 (F4038) 25/06/2021 pdf PCR Tests (F4037) 28/06/2021 pdf Covid - 19 deaths (F4021) 28/06/2021 pdf Public health funerals for Covid patients (F3066) 08/06/2021 pdf Influenza and COVID-19 (F3004) 06/05/2021 pdf COVID-19 deaths (F3010) 06/05/2021 pdf Post COVID-19 Vaccination admissions (F2993) 28/04/2021 pdf Face masks (F2950) 30/03/2021 pdf COVID-19 Maternity and Pregnancy (F2928) 25/03/2021 pdf Clinical Waste during Covid 19 (F2920) 04/03/2021 pdf West Point Vaccination Centre Lease (F2889) 12/02/2021 pdf Covid 19 patients and beds (F2850) 07/01/2021 pdf Covid - 19 & missed treatment (F2849) 05/01/2021 pdf Covid Deaths Data - Hospital (F2844) 31/12/2020 pdf Hospital Covid Deaths Data (F2843) 31/12/2020 pdf Covid deaths data (F2841) 30/12/2020 pdf Covid and deaths data (F2839) 30/12/2020 pdf Covid 19 patients (F2724) 30/11/2020 pdf Wheelchair service before and after Covid 19 (F2732) 30/10/2020 pdf NHS staff returned to practice (F2628) 23/09/2020 pdf PPE contracts (F2640) 16/09/2020 pdf Video consultations (F2672) 16/09/2020 pdf Maternity services during COVID-19 (F2676) 16/09/2020 pdf Fit testing of respiratory protective equipment (F2566) 06/08/2020 pdf Coronavirus (F2595) 31/07/2020 pdf Risk assessment for BAME staff (F2578) 06/07/2020 pdf Respirator and mask fit test (F2537) 01/06/2020 pdf

HR (Human Resources), Recruitment and Staffing

Private Healthcare for Staff (F4581) 28/04/2022 pdf Period Policies for Staff (F4560) 22/04/2022 pdf Medical undergraduate and placements (F4495) 28/04/2022 pdf Staff sickness (F4475) 09/03/2022 pdf Trust Roles and Banding (F4452) 25/02/2022 pdf Recruitment and Retention - British Muslims (F4450) 25/02/2022 pdf Agency Spend for Doctors, Nurses and Allied Health Professionals (F4441) 16/02/2022 pdf ENT Consultants (F4422) 16/02/2022 pdf Staff and Patient FOI (F4437) 15/02/2022 pdf ENT Consultant Employment (F4432) 04/02/2022 pdf RD&E Trust Leadership (F4431) 25/01/2022 pdf Resigned Nursing Staff (F4372) 19/01/2022 pdf Staff Demoted because of a Disciplinary Outcome (F4392) 04/01/2022 pdf Physiotherapy and Therapist Staffing (F4312) 20/12/2021 pdf Who's who at the Royal Devon and Exeter (F4351) 17/12/2021 pdf International Nurse Recruitment (F4297) 17/12/2021 pdf Clinical Coding & Data Quality Job Descriptions (F4335) 10/12/2021 pdf Workforce Funding (F4306) 10/12/2021 pdf Ethnicity of Pharmacists within the RD&E (F4305) 10/12/2021 pdf Cost of Recruitment Advertising (F4295) 09/12/2021 pdf Pregnant staff in theatre (F4269) 30/11/2021 pdf Services Managers & Consultant Locums (F4280) 19/11/2021 pdf Recruitment and Retention Premia (F4226) 22/10/2021 pdf Medic Appraisals and 360 degree MS (F4233) 18/10/2021 pdf Staff Sick Leave (F4222) 07/10/2021 pdf Settlement Agreements (F4101) 30/09/2021 pdf Retire and Return from the RD&E (F4168) 22/09/0221 pdf Apprenticeships & Staff Training (F2855) 17/09/2021 pdf Staff sick leave (F4157) 16/09/2021 pdf Recruitment & Staffing (F4152) 25/08/2021 pdf Temporary Staffing (F4104) 09/08/2021 pdf Agency Expenditure for the RD&E - Generic Response (July 2021) pdf Sexual Orientation Workforce Data (F4103) 29/07/20201 pdf Temporary Staff Management (F4098) 27/07/2021 pdf Facility Time, on call policies (F4075) 14/07/2021 pdf Staff Hospital Accommodation (F2944) 31/03/2021 pdf Gender Recognition Certificate (F2913) 22/02/2021 pdf Whistleblowing (F2870) 16/02/2021 pdf International recruitment of nurses (F2793) 30/11/2020 pdf Physician Associates (F2717) 27/11/2020 pdf Agency spend (nurses) (F2729) 28/10/2020 pdf Equality/diversity (F2693) 05/10/2020 pdf Harassment, bullying, discrimination (F2597) 23/09/2020 pdf NHS staff returned to practice (F2628) 23/09/2020 pdf Staff travel expenses (F2670) 09/09/2020 pdf Trust staff pay rates (F2673) 08/09/2020 pdf Hospital staffing and staff bullying (F2617) 13/08/2020 pdf Oncology and radiotherapy - whistleblowing and complaints (F2609) 10/08/2020 pdf SELR exemption and MTI route (F2557) 30/06/2020 pdf Staff mental health (F2552) 18/06/2020 pdf Doctors in training (F2536) 21/05/2020 pdf Zero-hour contracts and Trust staff (F2511) 21/04/2020 pdf ERCP consultants (F2460) 04/03/2020 pdf Consultant PAs (F2385) 25/02/2020 pdf Staff training (F2407) 13/02/2020 pdf Job planning (F2383) 04/02/2020 pdf Master vendor (F2378) 04/02/2020 pdf Collaborative bank (F2377) 04/02/2020 pdf Lead medical examiner (F2403) 27/01/2020 pdf Learning disabilities nurses (F2397) 27/01/2020 pdf Trust staff (F2351) 17/01/2020 pdf Clinical Coding Contract (F4602) 22/04/2022 pdf

IT (Digital Services) and Telecoms

IT Security Strategy (F4345) 22/02/2022 pdf Telephone Maintenance Contracts (F4423) 25/01/2022 pdf Sterile Services Track and Trace Healthcare Software (F4343) 04/01/2022 pdf Foureyes Insight (F4327) 16/12/2021 pdf Trust technology infrastructure (F4281) 02/12/2021 pdf Rota software (F4275) 23/11/2021 pdf Software solutions (F4266) 19/11/2021 pdf Information Technology Budget (F4139) 17/09/2021 pdf Digital Dictation / Voice Recognition System (F4077) 27/07/2021 pdf IT Networks Security & Risk (F4035) 13/07/2021 pdf Replacement of Pagers (F4054) 24/06/2021 pdf Cloud Hosting (F4018) 23/06/2021 pdf Hospital Pager system (F3082) 03/06/2021 pdf Mobile Telephony Contract Details (F3056) 02/06/2021 pdf IT Asset disposal processes (F3067) 21/05/2021 pdf Telephone maintenance (F3001) 27/04/2021 pdf Software tools – Board/Senior management meetings (F2990) 16/04/2021 pdf IT Network (F2948) 15/04/2021 pdf Information Technology (F2968) 12/04/2021 pdf Trust Structure chart, Infrastructure and Computing Devices (F2861) 23/02/2021 pdf Pagers and Bleeps (F2896) 17/02/2021 pdf Telecoms and Infustructure (F2863) 26/01/2021 pdf Cyber security (F2749) 23/11/2020 pdf Telephone maintenance (F2610) 05/11/2020 pdf Firewall, anti-virus, and enterprise agreement (F2700) 28/10/2020 pdf ICT/IM&T/IS strategy and budget (F2631) 01/10/2020 pdf IT spending (F2621) 19/08/2020 pdf Information technology (F2620) 19/08/2020 pdf Application/software development technical innovation (F2601) 31/07/2020 pdf Health records (F2564) 21/07/2020 pdf Trust technology (F2483) 07/04/2020 pdf Transition to Windows 10 (F2405) 20/02/2020 pdf Print services (F2379) 05/02/2020 pdf PACS and CRIS contracts (F2360) 13/01/2020 pdf Telephone systems (F2349) 13/01/2020 pdf

Maternity and Obstetrics

Treatments, Procedures, Operations and Surgery

Cell Salvage Procedures (F4579) 26/04/2022 pdf Sexual and reproductive health services (F4542) 07/04/2022 pdf Hip Replacements (F4402) 09/03/2022 pdf Tier 4 Weight Management Services (F4448) 16/02/2022 pdf Current Prehabilitaion Services (F4383) 15/02/2022 pdf Psychosexual Services (F4396) 12/01/2022 pdf Treatment of Fungal Infections (F4324) 12/01/2022 pdf Patient Treatment (F4376) 06/01/2022 pdf Melanoma Treatment (F4256) 17/12/2021 pdf Bone Treatments (F4333) 17/12/2021 pdf Use of anti-VEFG treatments for eye conditions (F4301) 01/12/2021 pdf Gender Reassignment Surgeries (F4299) 23/11/2021 pdf Lupus (F4272) 15/11/2021 pdf Acute General Referral (F4260) 15/11/2021 pdf Breast Augmentation for Gender Reassignment (F4286) 05/11/2021 pdf Dravet syndrome (F4270) 04/11/2021 pdf Renal service - dialysis (F4240) 21/10/2021 pdf Trikafta trial (F4209) 01/10/2021 pdf Treatment of Blood Disorders (F4176) 08/09/2021 pdf Maintenance of surgical power tool inventory (F4123) 10/08/2021 pdf Procedures and Associated HRG codes (F4100) 09/08/2021 pdf Cancelled Operations (F4067) 02/08/2021 pdf Fracture Liaison Services (FLS) (F3096) 12/07/2021 pdf Endoscopy service (F3084) 08/06/2021 pdf Bariatric surgery (F3081) 08/06/2021 pdf Orthotics (F3050) 02/06/2021 pdf Haemorrhoidectomy (F3053) 18/05/2021 pdf Circumcisions (F2997) 27/04/2021 pdf Chronic Renal Products (F2934) 12/04/2021 pdf Elective operations (F2826) 09/02/2021 pdf Defibrotide VOD (F2722) 09/12/2020 pdf Podiatry services (F2716) 25/11/2020 pdf Adult Allergy Service (F2769) 24/11/2020 pdf Whipple procedure and liver transplantation (F2751) 10/11/2020 pdf Abdominoplasty surgeries (F2757) 05/11/2020 pdf Insourcing treatments (F2581) 06/07/2020 pdf Sleep apnoea (F2531) 11/05/2020 pdf Life-sustaining treatment (F2402) 13/02/2020 pdf Growth hormone treatments (F2337) 02/01/2020 pdf


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