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Our Commitment to You – Ethnic Minorities


Welcome to one and all!

Our Trust is a community of about 6000 people, working together to provide the best patient care we can.

The Trust values the different talents and backgrounds we all bring to our jobs. It makes for a richer workplace and better patient care.

We are pleased that we have over twice as many ethnic minority staff as we did in 2008.


This webpage shows our Trust’s commitment to our staff, as regards race, so you know what to expect if you come to work for us.


Careers at RD&E

Our ethnic minority staff work in all sorts of jobs, right across the Trust – you can see some examples, below. Please click on the pictures to see their stories.


Babinder Sandhar

Babinder Sandhar, Consultant and Director of Clinical Education


Dandra Loney-Ratteray, Staff Nurse's story


As jobs come up everyone has a fair chance to apply for better or different roles. Promotion at the Trust is based on what you can do, rather than how long you have been in post!

If you a’re new to a large NHS hospital, you may be surprised how many opportunities are open to you. Try the online quiz to see what NHS jobs might suit you.

The NHS is keen to make sure its ethnic minority staff can progress their careers and in joining us, you join a Trust which is well up to date with best practice. Like every NHS organisation, we are also committed to the Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES), aimed at ensuring equality in the NHS for staff, regardless of race. Please see our latest assessment.


If you would like to comment on this, please contact our Equality & Diversity Team on  

If you need more help with careers queries, please email us, or call the NHS Careers Helpline on 0345 6060 655 between 8am and 7pm Monday to Friday or contact our Equality & Diversity team



If you have qualifications from abroad and want to check what NHS jobs may be available to you with them, the UK professional bodies can help you. NARIC can tell you what the equivalent UK level is for your qualifications, for example, whether they are the same as a UK degree.



You can take part in the national network for NHS ethnic minority staff and a network for people of different cultures living in Devon.


Zero tolerance

Fairness, dignity, equality and respect are all basic human rights, so we cannot afford anything less than zero tolerance if ever they are breached.

We expect all staff to challenge any breach of these rights, whether staff-side or service-side. This could be informally or formally through procedures such as grievance, disciplinary, whistle blowing, or incident reporting.


Anything else?


If you want more information on the support available or if you would like to discuss how the RD&E could provide more support to their staff please get in touch.


You can contact our Equality & Diversity team on




Call 111 when its less than urgent